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Web Analytics.

Understand your online traffic through clear and simple reporting.

The Sontai Web Analytics Report allows you to manage the key metrics you need to understand your online traffic quickly and easily.

Track your online performance.

Tracking website activity can be confusing, with many metrics to look at and track. This confusion leads to the online traffic analysis being left and not being used. But there are many benefits in analysing your web traffic, from knowing where your visitors come from to which pages they view the most.


The Sontai Web Analytics dashboard shows the key metrics for optimising your web traffic at an overall website level, and at an individual page level. Making it a great starting place for your web analysis and optimisation.

The Advantages of Web Analytics.

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How it Works.

Data Connections.

Using secure API's we connect to a wide variety of cloud based data sources, all automatically updated and processed ready to power your CRM Reporting.

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Ready to get started.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

How will the dashboard connect to my data?

The Sontai CRM Report is able to connect directly, using secure API's, to Google Analytics.

How much does CRM Reporting Cost?

The Sontai CRM Report is available from as little as €45 per month (minimum 12 months).  Full pricing details can be found HERE.

Is my data secure?

At Sontai we take data security and data protection very seriously.  As such, use Microsoft Power BI to create and manage our reporting solutions, which is secured by Microsoft Azure Authentication and and Azure Data Storage.  You can read more about Power BI Security HERE.