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Sales Performance.

Supercharge your business with fully integrated sales reports.

Get the full picture of customer and product performance from across your organisation without having to lift a finger.

Deep Insights through Sales Analysis.

Keeping track of customer sales is a fundamental part of business, but with manual reports and complicated spreadsheets its not always easy to get the right information at the right time.


At Sontai, we have the solution; a business ready interactive sales report that delivers customer and product centric information helping your sales team manage their customers efficiently, driving sales and customer satisfaction as a result. 

No manual updates, no arguing over the numbers, no more gut feel; just analysis and action.

Our Sales Performance Dashboard can also be customised to your unique requirements, ensuring that you get the most value out of your sales data.

The Advantages of our Sales Dashboard.

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How it Works.

Data Connections.

Using secure API's we connect to a wide variety of cloud based data sources, all automatically updated and processed ready to power your sales dashboard.

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Ready to get started.

Ready to supercharge your sales reporting?


Frequently Asked Questions.

What data sources does the Sales Dashboard connect to?

The Sontai Sales Dashboard is able to connect to a wide variety of cloud systems, such as Xero, Shopify, WooCommerce, Sage, Zettle and more.

Can I connect the Sales Dashboard to more than one data source?

Absolutely.  The Sontai Sales Dashboard is designed to merge multiple data sources where required.  So you can see both ecommerce and invoiced sales added together in one place.

Am I able to customise the dashboard to include targets?

Yes.  You can add your own customisation tweaks to the dashboards so that they reflect your business.  You can add in thing like targets, financial year periods, custom calculations and more.

How much does the Sales Dashboard Cost?

The Sontai Sales Dashboard is available from as little as €45 per month (minimum 12 months).  Full pricing details can be found HERE.

Is my data secure?

At Sontai we take data security and data protection very seriously.  As such, use Microsoft Power BI to create and manage our reporting solutions, which is secured by Microsoft Azure Authentication and and Azure Data Storage.  You can read more about Power BI Security HERE.