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Uncover opportunities with an outsourced data analyst.

Find the growth opportunities in your data with specialist data analysis skills, without needing a full time overhead.

Support your business with a dedicated data analyst.

Whether your trying to identify the next big growth opportunity, find the solution to a problem or just keep track of the day to day, understanding your data can have a huge impact on your business.

Sontai data analysts offer a cost effective, dedicated, ongoing analytical support to your business.  We work with you to develop a knowledge of your business and what you want to achieve.

So, if you're looking to manage performance, plan for the future or learn from the past, our experienced data analysts can support you.

Cost effective

Get access to experienced analysts as and when you need it, saving you the cost of a full analyst resource.

Quick turnround

Have your analytics turned around quickly so you can maximise the findings and capture any opportunities.

Free up time

Relieve the pressure in your team so they can focus on the most pressing priorities in your business and not having to worry about data analysis.

Confidential & Secure

We use secured cloud storage to keep any files as safe and confidential as possible.

Let us create a package that suits your business

No matter what your analysis needs we can create package that meets your requirements and let you get started with outsourced analytics that fits your business.

What type(s) of data analysis are you interesterd in?

What do our customers say about Sontai?

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Keith Fagan

Head of EMEA

A couple of weeks after our initial discussion and briefing, I'm delighted to say Sontai have nailed it yet again. Sontai consistently deliver to high standards and have added value beyond their brief. Sontai have certainly added value to my business.

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