Update your current BI Solution

If your current BI Solution needs upgrading then let Sontai migrate you to an industry leading cloud based alternative.

Do you need to update your BI solution?

If some time has passed since you integrated your business intelligence reporting into your business and you aren't seeing the same benefits as you once were from your analysis, then it may be time to update your solution.

Reduce ongoing costs

It is possible that you are paying too much for your current licencing as your business has changed your onoing user licencing may need to change too.

Increase functionality

Technology is evolving all of the time, it is possible that your current system isn't allowing you to work as effectively as newer technology will allow.

Realign to your strategy

Over time businesses change and evolve, if your reporting hasn't evolved in line with it then it may not be driving your business in line with your strategy.

Include more data

As your business has changed you may have gained newer data sources that aren't included in your BI reports and managed outside of the system by your team.

Ready to upgrade your current BI Solution?  Talk to one of our team today to see how we can help.

Leverage industry leading technology

At Sontai, we choose to use Power BI to construct and deliver customised data analytics and business intelligence solutions to our clients.


With the ability to connect to many data sources, combined with excellent visualisation and interactivity, overlayed with secured access from a range of devices Power BI provides all of the assets required to deliver state of the art business intelligence to your team.

Why Choose Sontai?

Sontai Data Solutions is a Microsoft Partner with over a decade of experience in delivering business intelligence reporting and data analytics solutions.  With our passion for data we deliver first class, long lasting dashboard and reporting solutions, training and consultancy that are designed around our clients’ specific needs.

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