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Finance Scorecard.

Get deeper understanding of your business finances.

The Sontai Finance Scorecard gives you full visibility of your finances so you can demystify your accounts and optimise your business.

Clear financial analysis.

Understanding your business finances can seem like a daunting place, but it is key to optimising your growth strategy.  Without this you don't know whether you're making money, spending too much in one area of the business or can spend more in certain areas.

The Sontai Finance Scorecard give you a clear breakdown of your P&L, allowing you to understand movements in your accounts all the way down to the bottom line.  You will also see details of Aged Debt and Aged Credit, so that you can clearly see and manage who owes you money, as well as who you owe money too.


All of this allows you to dig deeper into your business accounts and optimise your finances, all without needing to ask your accountant. 

The Advantages of our Finance Scorecard.

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How it Works.

Data Connections.

Using secure API's we connect to a wide variety of cloud based data sources, all automatically updated and processed ready to power your Finance Scorecard.

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Ready to get started.

Ready to get a deeper understanding of your finances?


Frequently Asked Questions.

How will the dashboard connect to my data?

The Sontai Finance Scorecard is able to connect directly, using secure API's, to many of the common cloud based finance systems, such as Xero, Sage, and QuickBooks.

How much does the Finance Scorecard Cost?

The Sontai Finance Scorecard is available from as little as €45 per month (minimum 12 months).  Full pricing details can be found HERE.

Am I able to add our Budgets to the dashbaord?

Yes.  We can add your budgets, along with any other custom features you may like, to the dashboard views.

Is my data secure?

At Sontai we take data security and data protection very seriously.  As such, use Microsoft Power BI to create and manage our reporting solutions, which is secured by Microsoft Azure Authentication and and Azure Data Storage.  You can read more about Power BI Security HERE.