Reporting Solutions as unique as you

Save processing time and improve functionality with interactive Power BI reports built around you and your individual requirements.

Why customised Power BI reporting?

A customised Power BI solution, created and managed by Sontai has many benefits for your business.

Fits your business needs

Reports, metrics and visualisations designed to fit your unique requirements, helping your team drive the right actions for your business.

One source of the truth

Bring all of the data you need into one dashboard, meaning that everyone in your team is looking at the same numbers in the same way.

Anywhere, any time

Access your dashboards from any device at any time, allowing you to check your numbers wherever and whenever suits you.

Speed up your reporting

Spend less time pulling and manipulating data and more time analysing it with automated processing and updates.

Integrate all of your data

Collate all of your data sources into one place so that all your KPI's are available in one place with no need to change systems.

Controlled access

User access is controlled to ensure that each member of your team can only access the data that they are meant to see.

of businesses have said that their business intelligence solution has enabled faster reporting, analysis and planning across their businesses.

How does it work?

At Sontai our process is fully designed around your business needs and what you want to achieve, ensuring we deliver the best possible data analytics solution to help drive your business forward.

Understanding you

Our team will look to get a preliminary understanding of you and your business to understand what you are looking to achieve with your data.


After design approval we will prepare your data, create metrics and build your dashboards using Microsoft Power BI ready for launching into your business..

Workshop & wireframe

We will set up time to really work through your data, your business requirements and your objectives to design wireframe reports that match your needs.


Once the dashboards have been developed, we will work closely with you to train your team so the reports are adopted by your teams.


Customised Power BI Reporting Demo

The Sontai customised Power BI reporting demo report, creates a real-world scenario for you to explore  using data for a sales based organisation.

Designed for business leaders, marketing, sales and operations to understand which products are selling, where they are selling and the drivers behind their performance.

Follow the analytical pathway to interact with the data at a top line level, discover the trends and then explore their drivers through countries and product views using filters, buttons, and drill throughs.

What do our customers say about Sontai?

TNC Logo.png

Keith Fagan

Head of EMEA

A couple of weeks after our initial discussion and briefing, I'm delighted to say Sontai have nailed it yet again. Sontai consistently deliver to high standards and have added value beyond their brief. Sontai have certainly added value to my business.

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Frequently asked questions

How much does customised data analytics cost?

The cost of a custom data analytics project will vary from project to project and will depend on the number of data sources that need to be connected, complexity of that data and the number of reports that need to be created. You will always be in control of the costs. Our team will work with you to meet your requirements within any budget constraints you may have. For guidance on pricing talk to one of our team today.

We have our own database, can this be linked into a customised analytics solution?

Yes. If you have your own on premise database it can be connected to Power BI so that you can visualise its data across all devices.

Can the data be updated automatically?

Yes. It is possible to schedule the data to be refreshed automatically so that you are always looking at the most up to date data possible.

Can we limit people within the business seeing sensitive data?

Yes. It is possible to limit access to certain elements of your reports based on the users that have logged in. For example, If you only want a sales person to see the data related to their sales area then the reports can be limited to only show this to them when they log in. Talk to one of our team to understand how this may work for you.

Is Power BI secure?

Power BI is part of the Microsoft cloud computing infrastructure and comes with all of the Microsoft security measures delivered through Azure. User authentication will be required to access any of your reports. Learn more about Power BI security.

What platform do Sontai use to create reports?

Sontai use Microsoft Power BI to create and deliver our data analytics projects. Learn more about Power BI.

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