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Spirits start up, Tack Room Distillery, create a data driven culture to set up for growth.


As a start up spirits business having a strong understanding of sales and inventory management were essential for Tack Room Distillery.

But working from spreadsheets was proving difficult to manage, frustrating to update and wasn’t providing the management team with the right answers to manage their distillery effectively and maximise their sales potential.

Being able to draw on the strengths of Sontai to help create extensive but simple to use reports have been invaluable.  This will help my business grow from strength to strength. I don’t know where I would be without it!

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Tim Bisson

Founder & CEO

Tack Room Distillery

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The NWH Group automate their sales and operations reporting to improve customer interaction.

Having data spread across different systems accessed in silos creates difficulties in any business.  Couple that with long lead times to get reports and decisions are delayed, opportunities are missed.

Through automation and merging of data Sontai delivered visual reports across the business helping to drive efficiencies and sales growth.

Consumer Goods company saves hours and improves accuracy with Power BI reporting.

With any fast paced sales company, keeping track of customer purchases is key to driving growth, identifying gaps and spotting opportunities.  But having data spread across the organisation was causing problems for one of our customers.

With their current reporting coming from macro based spreadsheets that weren't able to handle the volume of data received each day, leading to frustration and distrust within the organisation.

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