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About Us

We empower business using data.

Sontai was built to bring enterprise level data analytics capabilities to SMEs, helping them compete in crowded markets using data.

Why Sontai.

Companies digitising their systems and moving everything to the cloud has improved the quality of the data available in businesses.  However, data is often left in these systems, isolated in silos and not explored to its potential.

Sontai was built to help SMEs complete their digital transition and bring all of the data into one unified business intelligence platform, allowing key stakeholders and decision-makers the opportunity to see their data and plan for the future.

We want businesses to maximise the data that they have at their fingertips without having to spend time downloading data into spreadsheets and having interpret big grids of numbers.


By giving businesses a centralised portal for all their reporting, we help bring data to life across each organisation to help drive key decisions and future growth.

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At Sontai, our mission is to help companies drive sales growth using their business data. We do this through creating well designed, easy to understand dashboards and reports that tell data stories and empower meaningful decisions.

Chris Farr

Chris Farr

Founder & CEO


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We are Accredited Master Practitioners

Sontai are 3 Time Accredited Master Practitioners in Data Analysis bestowed by the All-Ireland Business Foundation, a testament to our hard work and dedication in bringing values of Trust, Competence, Performance, and Customer Centricity to everything we do., 

Discover the full potential of your data with Sontai now!

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