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The best data solutions for your business starts right here.

Sontai are an accredited consulting agency specialising in all things data. We transform the way you do business through data analysis and visualisation; unlocking the untapped potential of often overlooked areas of your business.

Why Sontai.

Having spent 15 years working with large multinational FMCG brands, analysing, visualising and bringing their vast amounts of data to life, Chris Farr knew how important data can be to driving the key business decisions in an organisation and drive growth for their businesses.

But he also knew that many smaller companies didn’t always have the in house expertise to help them process, organise and really maximise their data. 

Having seen the problems that businesses encountered with data, Chris wanted to help.


So, in 2018, Chris founded Sontai with one aim - bringing his data analytics skills to smaller businesses to help them grow.

Since then Sontai has partnered dozens of businesses to help them process and visualise their data, so they can spend less time in spreadsheets, manipulating data, and more time unlocking the power within their data, helping them make more informed decisions to grow their sales.

Our Promise.

Accredited Master Practitioners

As recognised and 2 Time Accredited Master Practitioners in Data Analysis by the All-Ireland Business Foundation, we assure you that we have your best interests in mind from the very first call.

Our Values.

Our Values aren't just words, they define how we do business.



Consistently doing what's right.



To our clients.

To each other.

Collaborative achievement of goals.





For data.



Avoiding unnecessary complication.

At Sontai, our mission is to help companies drive sales growth using their business data. We do this through creating well designed, easy to understand dashboards and reports that tell data stories and empower meaningful decisions.

Chris Farr

Chris Farr

Founder & CEO

Sontai Data Solutions

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